Understanding Digital Assistants: The New Age Companions

Percento on the couchWe all want a companion who carefully listens to us and correctly understands everything we’re saying. In order to fulfill this human need, many efforts have been made over time to develop a technology that hears, understands, and responds to the human voice. Unfortunately, most of these efforts have been either over-promised or undelivered. However, in recent times, various smart digital assistants and voice recognition systems have come to the fore. You can talk to them and they’ll do exactly what you instruct them to do.

Today, the poster child for these advanced systems is Apple’s Siri. However, other technology giants are also entering the fray. An example of this would be the ‘OK Google’ functionality of Google and Microsoft’s Cortana. However, the technology that is heralding us into a new era of digital assistants and voice recognition systems is Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is powered by a digital personal assistant named Alexa and is an internet-connectable device, with several wireless speakers. It is probably the most cutting edge technology that you’ll find today. Unlike the other digital assistants available today, Amazon Echo understands most of the instructions given to it and usually responds in an informative and logical manner.

The most impressive thing about Amazon Echo is the fact that you don’t need to shout at it or speak slowly for it to understand you. You can talk in an everyday, casual tone and Amazon Echo will understand what you’re saying to it. It can be counted as a breakthrough product as it does not require any workarounds or specialized tinkering, and works exactly as you expect it to.

Amazon Echo can perform multiple tasks such as accessing audio streams and your Google Calendar information, answering general interest questions, ensuring you dress properly for the weather, and controlling some of your smart home devices. So basically you can use this digital assistant for the weather, queries, traffic, and music. Amazon Echo is a truly amazing device and you can ensure its optimal use by understanding its features and functions.

Percento Technologies MeetingAmazon Echo is a 3-inch wide and 9-inch tall Bluetooth cylinder device. If you like making a lot of noise or bossing around inanimate, then you’ll absolutely love this device. You’ll find in it a powerful speaker and a disposition of seven microphones. You can use the speaker for playing music, setting alarms, asking real-time information, checking the weather, creating to-do-lists and initiating media playbacks.

The voice assistant service: Alexa drives the Echo. Setting up and configuring Amazon Echo is probably one of the easiest things to do. Connecting the device to your Wi-Fi and using the companion app are the only things you’re required to do.

Apart from being your childhood fantasy come alive, digital assistants are also a prototype for how things will be done in the future. If you use digital assistants and understand how they work, you won’t find the technology of the future intimidating.


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