Understanding robotics and artificial intelligence

Cyborg Woman - Humanoid - PercentoWhen you hear the word robot, you probably think of the bot in Real Steel: Atom, fighting in the ring, but do you know what robots actually are and what purpose they serve? Read on to find out about robotics and artificial intelligence.


A mechanical device, a robot can perform several ‘human’ activities. It can perform multiple tasks with speed and precision. Different types of robots perform different tasks. Robots are controlled either directly by humans (like max in atom) or through a computer. Robots perform a task when commanded to do it. Alternatively, they can be programmed for the task in advance.


The design, construction, and operation of robots are possible with the branch of engineering known as robotics. Important parts of robotics are robot mechanics and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Atom” in reel steel is able to fight through speech recognition by performing the actions adjured to it by Charlie and max via its vocal controls. Speech recognition is one of elements of artificial intelligence. The branch of computer science that helps robots work and react like humans is artificial intelligence .AI helps bots to recognize speech, learn, plan, and make decisions.

Robot Mechanics

It is important for a human operator to know the mechanics of a robot so that there is no trouble in its functioning. Furthermore, if you want to keep your robot in balance meaning if you don’t want it to be falling over then it is important that you know your robot’s mechanics.

Robots are constructed using raw materials such as wood, plastic, metal and composites. Large pieces of material are cut and shaped into the desired form i.e. oval, square and round to construct the body of the robot. The size of the robot plays an important role in building the robot. Wheels are attached directly to the output handle of the motor on small robots. This does not work on larger robots though. Any building material would work on a small robot but a bigger and heavier robot will need something more solid like a cardboard while metal or composites would be appropriate for human sized robots.

Robots in the industryRobot arm in a factory

Robots are presently serving humans in many fields like the car industry, space exploration, military and medical services.

Robots in cars

Most if not all of the car manufacturing in the present day is done in large parts with the help of robots. Furthermore, robots are revolutionizing the way we travel through autonomous cars etc.

Robots in Space

Whether it is to find out the presence of life on mars and the moon or for general space exploration, unmanned spacecraft/robotic spacecrafts and vehicles are sent in space to perform that task.

Robots in Medical and Military Service

Whether it is surgery, rehabilitation or disinfecting a disease robots are ever present to help carry out the procedure. Whether it is a drone also known as an unmanned flying object or an armed remote control vehicle, robots have aided the military in warfare and continue to do so.

Our lives have to a larger extent become dependent on robots and it is likely to be more so in the future. Therefore, understanding robotics and artificial intelligence is important.

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