The relevance of video for your business.

For business owners, an increasingly popular topic in the past year or so has been video marketing. The growing popularity of this form of marketing is largely due to the limitations of images and content. By using video marketing, you can reassure your prospective customers about your business and increase lead generation. Without a shadow of a doubt, video marketing is effective marketing. So what is the relevance of video for your business? Let’s take a look.

Lead generation

Today, a growing number of businesses are cashing in the benefits of video marketing including lead generation. A recent survey involving internet users validates this statement. Of all the surveyed consumers, 73% said that they would buy a good or service after watching a video of it while 96% revealed that videos played an important role in their purchasing decision.  Here’s an example of a Percento Video here geared towards …..



Shopability and a better search engine ranking

Videos add ‘shopability’ to your content and increase engagement/conversions without disrupting the buying process. Also, video content plays an important role in Google ranking businesses. By integrating video content on your web pages, you can improve your search engine indexing. Publishing product videos on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, can also help you to attract more traffic to your website. This clearly shows that video marketing is an effective form of marketing.

video business - engage more customers

Improve customer engagement

Videos are inherently immersive, way more than any other form of content. That’s why this medium is the go-to choice to tell your story in the most engaging manner. Today, many business owners are creating more and more quality videos to boost viewer engagement as video has provided them a powerful new way to showcase their business. Today, videos are considered as effective marketing tools for social media campaigns and SEO. Additionally, they benefit mobile commerce. This is major shift from past trends where videos were treated merely as glorified photos. In order to benefit their businesses, many forward-thinking business owners are currently using video marketing as a key marketing strategy.

Potential to reach more people

Video has become increasingly popular on the web in the last few years. According to statistics, of all the online activity today, a third is spent watching video. Moreover, it is predicted that of all consumer internet traffic in 2019, 69% will be generated by video.

Video marketing is the way to go!

As a business owner, you need to pick up on the trends of video marketing if you don’t want to miss out on reaching all those extra viewers. In the last few years, video production costs have lowered and there are so many options available which ensures that video marketing is not as expensive an option as you might think it to be. There are plenty of online tutorials available today that can help you to make the video yourself (it isn’t as scary as it sounds if you have a small amount of technical knowledge).Also, video is offered as an add-on to your existing packages by marketing and website development companies. Who you and your audience are is what determines the type of video that suits your business. Furthermore, you can create videos with varying budgets to increase your realtor lead generation.

The Percento Advantage

Video content allows you to market your business in ways that wouldn’t be possible with other forms of marketing. In simple terms, video marketing has benefits for your business that no other form of marketing can offer.


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