Why your inbox is being flooded by LinkedIn

What’s up with LinkedIn? Suddenly it’s everywhere. Last week, as I finished up teaching a dozen masters students in publishing, I told them to keep in touch. Nobody called. No one emailed. Seven of them requested to connect with me on LinkedIn.

What’s more, lately my inbox has been teeming with social notifications beyond the simple “please join my network” request. Friends and colleagues are “endorsing” me for skills I haven’t even thought up or “congratulating” me when I add a new job (“adjunct professor”) to my profile. And then there’s LinkedIn Today, a social newsreader that provides some a better-cultivated deep-read of the pertinent news in my industry than the soon-to-be-defunct Google Reader I once curated myself.

I’m not imagining things; the numbers prove it: In the past year, LinkedIn has seen a 24% grown in number of monthly visitors in the United States to 46.3 million — and that’s not counting the increasing number of folks who use the service on mobile devices. Even more interesting, the service has seen a 52% spike in time spent on the site — in March, users spent an average 1,072 minutes on LinkedIn.com. >more

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