With these Apps, Medical Facilities are at Your Fingertips

Medical TechnologiesWhen Information Technology has revolutionized the course of almost every field, how could it not provide access to one of the most essential human needs, medical assistance? From books to ordering food, everything is at our fingertips today. A number of apps in the ‘medical’ category have also been developed to assist in staying in touch with medical research, medication timings, anatomical details and so much so as prescription of drugs.


Medscape has been recently launched and is available on Android. It has achieved success really fast and has been received very well in the market. Housing thousands of drug references, clinical references to 3,500+ diseases, and thousands of graphics of clinical procedures, CME activities, etc, Medscape is today the go-to app for medical professionals. A great advantage this app holds for the people in medical field is that it can effectively serve as a mini reference book in the palm of your hand.

Medical CASP

The inflow of research in the medical field is always active. For anyone who wants to stay on top of up and coming medial research, Medical CASP is one of the best options. This app not only recognizes the current research but also provides critical appraisal on it. The Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP) was initially developed in the end of 20th century to improve the critique skills of clinicians and the same program is incorporated in Medical CASP app.

ACEP Toxicology Section Antidote App

ACEP Toxicology Section Antidote App sets itself apart due to one very smart feature; it simplifies the most critical of cases a medical professional could come across in their careers. Just to keep things simple, let’s say that it has the solution to some of the most complex infectious and toxic cases. The app is free and packs tons of information with a catchy layout and easy to use interface.

Fitter Fitness Calculator

While talking about health, how can we miss the conscious-careful ones who feel the need to keep a check on their body mass? Fitter is one of the most easy to use apps and has an array of options. Not just BMI calculation, even though it basically is a BMI Calculator – Fitter keeps things realistic and provides an in-depth recognition of possible irregularities. Taking into consideration the hip-body ratio and weight according to height, it would identify inaccuracies as well. The application has free basic features and can provide premium features on subscription of a nominal charge of $1.99.

Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand provides the facility to make a video call to a physician or a psychologist from home. It addresses problems like cold/flu, allergies, pediatric questions, STDs, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety issues, rashes, diarrhea, etc and promptly connects you to a relevant doctor. One of the best things is that it addresses mental health concerns, something for which people usually hesitate in reaching out for help. Doctor on Demand also offers health care plans and is particularly a good app for new mothers.
Every day, hundreds of apps hit the market, out of which these few have made their way to the very top in the medical sector. Hope you make the best out of them too!

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