Woman gets microchip implant so she can leave office keys at home

Emilott LantzSweden – 25-year-old Emilott Lantz from Umeå has a vast existential problem. She really doesn’t like carrying keys around.

So she found a completely forward-thinking solution: she had a rice grain-sized microchip inserted in her hand last week.

Some people’s instincts will undoubtedly tell them that only those with a brain the size of a rice grain would do such a thing.

But Lantz, who works for IT consultancy firm Codemill, believes such people may have limited imaginations. She told the Local: “I don’t feel as though this is the future. This is the present. To me, it’s weird that we haven’t seen this sooner.”

In one sense, she is right. If there are people prepared to walk around in cyborgian glasses or talk to their watches, at least a microchip shows discretion.  More