You Can Actually Optimize Your Vacation Through Your Phone

Portrait of woman in Carpathian MountainsYou probably hear about how there is an app for everything. While we are bombarded with intrusive advertisements for apps we never knew and which convince us that this is the one, we made things easier for you by listing the digital tools that will really help you optimize your vacation this time around.


This is a search app that does a great job at finding the lowest costing fares for you. You can search airfares by region, country, and continent, but here is where it gets better. This is a very flexible app and allows you to be able to browse by type of trip too; for example, whether you are travelling for adventure, cultural exploration of a city etc. This makes it easier for the app to narrow down the choices it presents to you.

Seat Guru

If you are the type of person who pays attention to detail and is pretty picky when it comes to the seating, Seat Guru is a great choice. The search tool in the app lets you look for seats that have everything you want, including wireless internet connectivity, in flight entertainment, power outlets etc. If you want to shop like a seasoned professional, make sure that you check the site’s plane charts before you book your ticket to make sure that you are not sacrificing two seemingly good seats.

KayakYoung woman  typing message on smart phone

You may have probably heard of this app. This is the handy best friend you look to when you have no idea of what makes a good vacation package. What seemingly may be a good deal could be a rip off. Kayak lets you search for bundled deals on everything from air fare to hotels where you can stay. The thing that gives this app an extra shining star is that it allows users to book directly through the app. If you find a place that Kayak cannot put you through to the reservation form, it will get you in touch with third party providers with a click through option. This is one site that offers the best price, right, left, front and center. The app comes with a lot of valuable extras, including an itinerary manager, a currency converter, and a flight tracker too.

Route Happy

This app makes sure that just because you are on a budget, you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking flights that take you everywhere around the world before you reach your final destination, so that waiting at airports tops your loathe list forever. Route Happy works through with Happiness scores which focus on itineraries which are shorter, have simple layover logistics, and some of the best prices. The app has a very user friendly design which makes it easy to see the benefits of every route that you can take on your trip. You can also book a trip directly from the Route Happy app.

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